What do you mean by SharePoint and what are its advantages?

It is in collaboration with Microsoft which is identical to Google Drive with specific other characteristics. It is kind of a junction where the office mates can deliver their data, transfer their ideas and work properly.

Sharepoint is like an upgraded File Drive

Certain years back, Microsoft collaboration has 2 elements that powered email along with that shared calendar and network files drive. In the drives, there were drive letters such as S or X. There used to be housed files that were accessible by the whole of your team, but they could be edited only by one person at a time. You would want to copy them to the local machine for further editing, but it will lead to more confusion.

Advantages of Sharepoint

  1. File Versioning

It means that you can have a specific Our Important Report.doc file. It will itself deal with the revision1 etc. SharePoint comes up with a commenting function so you can tell about the changes introduced.

  • Check in and Check out

It has the ability to lock a file from further changes by someone else. For example- if anyone tries to access a file that has been checked by another user then Sharepoint will permit its download locally. There will be a warning that if changes are made, then they may be out of reach. It gave an easy workflow where one needs to wait till another person is done. Some fresh versions even inform when the folder is freed.

  • Robust Indexing and Searching

It is a fantastic feature as everyone in today’s world is bound to Goole every single thing. Those days are gone when it was needed to bury your head through dozens of files to remember them correctly.

  • Web Interface

It amalgamated with a refined search that made Sharepoint a one-stop shop destination for the enterprise content.

The combination with Windows App

It can get a file from SharePoint with the help of File>Open dialogues. You must have confronted in windows programs such as MS Office. On a quick note, Microsoft retained the concept of old file drive, which means that you are allowed to access a file from X drive, modify and save it like earlier. Although, SharePoint will examine the folder for you. These features are still there, they work well, but SharePoint is much more than just an expensive file drive.

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