Recover deleted Snapchat Photos and Videos

Snapchat has undoubtedly become famous among people, and the people don’t even hesitate to upload their photographs with filters and other real-time inbuilt photo editors. This media uploading giant has become the first choice to upload a photo or a video of anything happening around them. But there is a drawback that the media gets expired. It means the photos and videos get destructed and it results in the user to lose its data.

 If you have a Snapchat account, then there are chances that you have lost some of the data from your account. If you didn’t lose, then you might lose it in the future. Now, the question is that how will recover it? It could be challenging to stop the expiration of photos and videos from the Snapchat account, but you can recover them. There are some methods which you may like to recover your photos and videos.

Follow the steps to recover the Snapchat photos and videos

Recovering data through Snapchat Cache

  1. The deleted Snapchat data, sometimes, is present in the folders of your phones.
  2. If you have accidentally deleted a photo, then you can find it in folder.
  3. The received media is stored in>cache>received_image_snaps.

Recovering data through Cloud

  1. Cloud backup is another great option when you cannot find your lost photos and videos on your phone.
  2. The Cloud backup will definitely keep your data safe, but to use it you need to sync your phone with your Cloud service.
  3. You will need an email address to access the cloud and further sync with your phone.
  4. Open your Cloud and sign into your Cloud account.
  5. Tap the last backups that you created.
  6. Now, click Restore to your device.
  7. The old photo will be restored to your phone.

Recover your photos and videos through iTunes backup

  1. iTunes is a service from Apple Corporation, which lets you make a backup file and keep it there.
  2. You can use the service to recover the old photos within seconds.
  3. But to make the process effective, you will need a Snapchat recovery tool.
  4. Run the app and select option to recover the photos.
  5. Now, select iTunes backup file and go to Start Scan.
  6. The will extract and sort the files.
  7. You can select the files easily which you want to restore and click Recover.

The methods mentioned above are effective enough to recover the photos and videos. After recovering and click more photos or videos, don’t forget to create their backup. Unavailability of the new backup will lead you to lose that data.

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