How to Get WatchOS 5.1 Beta 1 Without Developer Account

It has not been that long when Apple Watch first came in the market, but still, people are going crazy for it. The SmartWatch is a way to the future of devices like Phones, and it is continuously enhanced with the new release of its operating system. Apple released a new version of WatchOS 5.1 which people were waiting since long, but ended up reporting that they cannot download and install it because they don’t have Developer Account.

Well, if you think that you should get the new features and add-ons but cannot because you don’t have the account, then it is probably right that you are wrong. There is a workaround with which download and install the WatchOS 5.1 beta 1 on your Apple Watch. The workaround is neither lengthy nor complicated, and if you are lucky you will not face any issues, but if the day is not in your favor then be prepared to get a headache. The process is not tricky, but in some cases, bugs make it complicated enough to annoy the user.

Before starting the process, ensure that you have an iPhone running on iOS 12 version and WatchOS 5 version which doesn’t support the first generation Watches by Apple. Let’s begin with the process.

How to install latest WatchOS 5.1 Beta 1 Version

  1. Open Safari browser in your iPhone and go to io/3wh3s.
  2. Now, tap the slow download option, and a popup box will appear.
  3. Tap Allow and then select Apple Watch.
  4. Now the Watch app will open in the iPhone.
  5. Tap Install from the top right corner of the display.
  6. You will be asked to enter your passcode.
  7. Enter and proceed to tap Install again from the right corner and then from the bottom.
  8. Now, select Restart and tap Done.
  9. Now, open Watch app again in your phone.
  10. Tap My Watch from the bottom of the screen.
  11. Tap Software Update inside the General
  12. Select Download & Install and enter the passcode.
  13. Tap Agree from the bottom corner.
  14. Wait for a while and you are done with the process.

Now, you can see the new version inside your Apple Watch with the latest version you just downloaded. Don’t wait to get inside to see the new features and add-ons in the version. Enjoy the experience with your Apple Watch running on new WatchOS 5.1 Beta1 version.

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