Guide to Live Streaming the Golden Globes Award 2019

NBC is again channelizing the Golden Globes Award in 2019 with live streaming of red carpet. You can watch this award ceremony on your local NBC channel. You can also stream the whole ceremony on the system, Smartphone or else. If you are frustrated with TV customer services and have cut the cord, then it is simple to stream the Award ceremony live.

NBC has the rights to broadcast the TV show for Golden Globes Award from its first version held. Till 2018, the live streaming facility of this award ceremony was not introduced. It was only in 2018 that Golden Globes award function has been accessible for watching it online through live streaming. You don’t need to have cable TV subscription or satellite connections. Still, you can watch the award function by live streaming mode.

There are a variety of methods for watching it online via live streaming. Below, some methods are enlisted to assist you in doing the same:

1. Watching the Golden Globes Award Live online on the site of

In this way, you will require to have a PC, high-speed network connectivity and a subscription attached to the TV service provider. You can employ television anywhere, and you can also sign in on different live streaming platforms such as fuboTV. When you have all three elements, then you can easily live-stream the award ceremony. Here are the given steps to live-streaming the award ceremony on

•    With the help of your liked-one browser, you can visit

•    Hit the option of your TV service provider. In case you don’t find the service provider in the given list then insert it in the search bar and then press “Enter”.

•    You can type the username of your service provider and passcode and then press login. In case of the same company of your service provider and internet connectivity provider, then this step can be automatically submitted.

•    You can confirm that your TV service provider is displayed on site or not. If all is well, then you should visit NBC’s live feed option.

•    Now, you can back to at the time of award ceremony to watch it in live-streaming mode.

2. Watching the award ceremony live on the tablet, smartphone, or any streaming gadget

In this way, you have to use the application of NBC. NBC app is a free-to-download app. You have to sign in with the username and password of the TV service provider. Below are the steps to use this application for watching award ceremony online via live streaming:

•    Open the application of NBC on your streaming device.

•    Hit on the icon of three horizontal lines parallel placed.

•    Hit on the button of LIVE.

•    In case of prompt for sharing your position then hit button of ALLOW.

•    You can hit on the name of your TV service provider. If it is not there, then you can press the option of “VIEW THE FULL LIST”.

•    Type the username and passcode both of your service provider. It can be automatically done if both TV provider and Internet service provider are same.

•    You can have a look on the display of NBC application and also verify your TV service provider is displayed.

•    Now, you can open the application of NBC on that day of the award ceremony for enjoying it with your streaming devices.

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