- Download & Install Norton Setup

Install Norton: Login, Norton Setup Product Key

There are many antivirus software are available, but Norton is one of the finest for windows 10, laptops or PC. It has the best firewall which keeps your system healthy and away from various types of malicious threats. Norton Antivirus supports almost all the platform devices and fixes the issues when required. If the device with the Norton antivirus installed is hijacked, it can be tracked easily and get back to the user. It aware the user when they are about to download any different file or software and protects the system from not being affected by any malware.  If you want any kind of assistance regarding Norton antivirus software, whether in its installing, uninstalling or configuration then you can talk to our savvy and consult with them through email or chat.

The Norton Security software is very advance which can secure your computer from the potential threat. If you are still using the old Norton product you need to upgrade to latest Norton Security product as soon as possible.

Norton antivirus key feature for windows OS:

Norton Antivirus is commonly used and reliable anti-virus software in the world to secure all hardware .it is very easy to use and Fix the problems in just one click:-

  • Norton installed device can be traced if hijacked by chance and can delete all the important data or can also lock the screen.
  • The security can be carried from one device to another device by just simply using the online account.
  • Lets you email, chat, and search the Web without worrying about cyber criminals
  • Stops viruses, spyware, and other threats before they can harm the system,/
  • Scans email and prompt messages for different links, attachments, and other tricks.
  • Prevents crime ware from being secretly loaded onto your PC
  • Provides help when you need it with free technical support by email, chat, and  phone.
  • Norton antivirus software permits the user to plan the time for a scan so that system scans will be automatic on the required time.
  • Steps to download and install Norton antivirus on your computer
  • Firstly, sign into
  • If you don’t have Norton account, then complete the sign-up process
  • In setup window, click download Norton
  • If you have a product key you have not yet registered to your account, click Enter a new product key to continue. Type the product key and click
  • Click agree & download
  • Do one of the following depending on your browser:
  • For Internet Explorer or Microsoft browser: Click Run.
  • For Firefox or Safari: On the top-right corner of the browser, click the Download option to view the downloaded files, and double-click the file that you downloaded.
  • For Chrome: On the bottom-left corner, double-click the file that you downloaded.
  • If the User Account Control window appears, click Continue.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Your product is successfully installed and activated.